Dear father, your invitation brought tears to my eyes.
I am pleased and honored and present my artefact ‘containment 2020’. The handformed brass sculpture is a reflection on the pandemic and the gap it created socially.
The mask has transformed from a symbol of trust in the sciences to a political tool, used to push fake agenda not facts. My sculpture seeks to reestablish trust into science, reminding us of a compassionate together. ‘containment 2020’ also tells my story of transformation.
The pandemic way is a catalyst to work fulltime as a sculptor and designer with my personal contribution to the Auböck heritage, now in its fifth generation.” Carl Auböck V. / September 15, 2021

Carl Auböck V. (Vienna/Austria) is an architect and artist. Like his predecessors in the Auböck design dynasty, he works in the ‘Carl Auböck Vienna’ workshop. Beautiful things are made there, following a high-quality, handcrafted design concept. Things for the hand, for interiors, for the desk and the office, for on the go and for everyday luxury.




Dear Carl V., since you have been a child you are an unbelievable sculptural talent, which elicits new things from what is found by chance and also from what is already elaborately crafted. Your attitude reminds me very much of the situationists which influenced me and which gave me orientation in my own youth. I am reminded as well of Carl Auböck II. who developed the iconic tree table from sawmill waste and many objets trouvés, uncommon for the otherwise very decorative viennese scene at this time. Influences of Carl Auböck III. can be felt in the vehemence of the form of your ideas and objects: The disturbing and possibly unsettling emotional rationality of Carl Auböck IV. may act as an impetus and catalyst in your work too.
Yours Carl IV.