OBJECT, 2021

“My box is not designed to be opened. Please don’t try. I don’t think designers deal with things. They deal with life. Living in a Box meant for me in the first moment: having time.” Justus Theinert / November 8, 2021

This message was impossible to ignore: ‘Attention, box cannot be opened’. But what was its secret? We only noticed it quite a while later, after we had unwrapped it, carefully felt it and shaken it. The moment Dominik and I stopped talking, we heard the constant quiet ticking.

Prof. Justus Theinert (Stuttgart/Germany) is a product designer, design didactician and professor of design and theory at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences. He has researched the methodology and didactics of design education in Europe, worked in strategic design development in various industries and published on the history of design education. Guest professorships, teaching and consulting activities have taken him to Egypt, Jordan and China, among other places. His conception of teaching incorporates the unintentional and intuitive as an important source of creative work.


Dear Justus, it’s been a long time since we talked about original packaging: If we don’t throw it away immediately, it always outlives its contents.
Yours Silke