OBJECT, 2021

“The summer of 2021 was a turbulent time: heat waves hit different places in the world with the drastic effects of forest fires in California or Greece, at the same time there was too much water and wind in other places like in Germany or China. The imbalance of the forces of nature shows more and more drastically the consequences of human-generated global warming. And shows us how closely the different places are interwoven through long-term actions on a global level.

The theme of my box is the interconnectivity and fragility of nature. The small box shows on one side the contours of linden trees … typical trees from Berlin, on the other side there’re palm trees that could grow in warm latitudes. By the incidence of light … which symbolizes the warmth or the sun, shadows are created, which merge and oscillate the shapes of the two tree species. It’s a hint that climates are going crazy and adapting more and more over time. Will there be ‘Under the Palms’ instead of linden trees in Berlin in 20 years?” Yi Meng Wu / October 29, 2021

Yi Meng Wu (Berlin/Germany) is a communication designer, illustrator and book artist. Her Studio Wu stands for intercultural design between China and Europe. For Living in a Box, she found an expressive image for current ecological changes by relating two symbolic tree species. This form of mediation is typical of her work, which deals with images, signs, language and cultural codes of the West and the Far East. Worlds between which she is permanently on the move.



Dear Yi Meng, 你既是德国的,也是中国的,就如介于多米尼克和我们中间的一种身份状态。你一定有很酷的想法。 (You are both german and chinese, kinda in the middle between Dominik and us in terms of identity. You must have some cool ideas.)
Yours Haiyue & Xinyu