“I intended on sending a different piece to Dominik for his project Living in a Box, one made in lockdown April last year. But New Zealands courier systems became backlogged when we went into another lockdown a couple of weeks ago. My Swedish gallery Patina sent him another piece.
As a New Zealand hippy child of the 70’s, from very young party parents, this aesthetic is familiar – nature, craft, earthy colours, handmade, pre digital. My work often has references to this era. It’s comforting but also repelling. I wrapped a found plastic bracelet with brown linen, I’m disguising and covering the original piece.” Lisa Walker / September 16, 2021

Lisa Walker (Wellington/New Zealand) is a jewellery artist. She studied craft design in Dunedin, then worked in Auckland. She continued studying, now in Germany, in Otto Künzli’s legendary jewelry class at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. Since 2009 she has been back in New Zealand together with Karl Fritsch.
If you follow Lisa’s footsteps on the net, you will learn a lot about how she crosses borders – not only borders of countries, but also borders of materials, habits and certainties of what jewellery is …



Dear Karl, Dear Lisa, when you hung our letter holder as a piece of jewellery around your neck, I was indignant and honoured at the same time.
Yours Dominik