OBJECT, 2021

“Hope is an existing force with a vital function: it reflects the light of the future into the present providing a practicable path. The Future causes the present; it only can grow out of the present because it is nourished by tomorrow’s light.” Nathalie Knapp

Similar to a spectroscope – a device that separates light into its component wavelengths – this glass object is able to illustrate the colorful spectrum of natural sunlight. During a cloudy day, it captures the light within its prismatic volume, on its glazed surface. Being located in front of a glass facade, the object sheds its spectral colors on the space behind it and forms a path, every time when sun‘s light hits the object. As the sun travels through the day, its spectral path moves through space accordingly while illuminating the room.
‘True view’ serves as a study model for an upcoming installation, that is able to illuminate a space with its colorful genetic code, written in light.

Verena Bachl (Berlin/Germany) is an artist. In addition to her comment above, she wrote us the following letter, which says a lot about her and her work:

“When time stood still in the year 2020, watching the endless ocean above my head helped me to withstand the illusion of stillness and to overcome a state of apathy and paralysis. As clouds passed by, as sunlight and a light breeze of wind touched my face, as I took this deep breath of liveliness, I realized once more that this light and these motions will endure, nevertheless.
In times when nothing seems to be steady and everything seems to be uncertain, we sometimes need to lift our heads to get a glimpse of what is for sure. The object I put in the box can be seen as a manifestation of this knowledge, a guiding light, and a piece of hope for a future to come.

You can put the object on your window sill, your desk, or any other place (indoor), where sunlight can hit the object, especially during a day of clear sky, to explore sunlight’s very own ‘genetic code’. I literally hope there will be more sunny days ahead this autumn and that this object brings you joy while playing with it and exploring the light that always surrounds you.” Verena Bachl / September 28, 2021




Dear Verena, sharing our studio place and tons of common ideas we are usually hunting a perspective that lies out of the box. But this time, let’s go to reveal the micro cosmos of the inside.
Yours Babette